Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Belfast Sardine Extravaganza

August 21 Belfast Sardine Extravaganza at the Belfast Harbor Fest
Raise a Ruckus for Herring!

1100 Speaker: Joe Upton, herring bait boatman and author of Amaretto, and Alaska Blues - at the Boathouse

and at the Sardine Stage - Belfast Commons:
12 Noon - Invocation... for the love of Herring: Poets and Divas
100 The Gawler Family
200 Anna Dembska & the Schoodic Chorus
300 Morty Hanson
3:30 Gordon Bok with The January Men and Then Some
430 Grand March with Chrissy Fowler, the Flashing Fish Dancers & the Belfast Bay Fiddlers
Anna Dembska, the Sardine Singers, & the Belfast Drum and RabbleParade and Flotilla to the Old Sardine Factory and Walking Bridge for the Grand Finale!!!

To volunteer, add your fishy ideas, or for more information please contact:
For the ongoing, continually upgraded schedule of summer sardine events:
and for the Harbor Fest:

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