Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Smelt Festival in Bowdoinham

Bowdoinham (Maine) will be the home of the first Ice and Smelt Festival, February 3 & 4 at Mailly Waterfront Park.
The festival will include a reception and opening on Feb 3, 530 - 8 PM at the Merrymeeting Arts Center to open the show "Ice Cutting and Smelt Fishing on Merrymeeting Bay" with work by local artists and a reading of "Smelt Makes Ice" by local artist Bryce Muir, from his book "Local Myths."
There will be a dance following the reception, at the Bowdoinham Town Hall.
On Feb 4 events run from 10 AM to 4 PM and include a Carnivale of Smelt, a costumed parade staged by the Ziggarut Theater Ensemble, games and contests, including a Best Beard Contest, with multiple categories.
The events will kick off the 250th Bowdoinham Anniversary Celebration.
Come on out and celebrate the Smelt.
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