Wednesday, August 26, 2009

new poems

K L Robyn
sent this poem:


When the Sun
first saw Oceania
he was smitten.
And she shone
back to him
such gold and silvery
ripples of delight
that he knew
she felt the same.
He made love to her
that morning
and again at the end
of the day.

Later, he came again
as a woman
and spilled a moonshower
so soft and rich
it brought her
ecstasy and comfort
all at once.

It was not long before
Oceania opened her
wide legs and let loose
ten thousand herring.

This is how it is when
you make love to me.
All those fishes
stirring and turning
in my ocean
this way and that
just waiting to flood
the seas.

K L Robyn
09 August 09

and Alan Casline sent this one:


sardine small swam with the net

Old Salty says "Nobody baits a hook that small"

We'll build a soul factory
nothing smaller than a soul
mesh so tiny
it'll squeeze
love out like tooth paste

sardine small swam with the waste

for the protection of all beings
the axletrees are taken from the wagon
poets gather on the swale
there was a rainbow
out over the emerald sea

sardine small swam with the directions

only wishful thinking
a taste for fish
How they come back
How they come back
a few lifetimes left alone

sardine small swam with the beauty

Alan Casline
August 4, 2009

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